i think i have a page on what i did.. basically
removed the calipers...pads.. etc.. I threaded a matching bolt into the brake line hole to keep debris from entering.. covered and soaked the calipers in ZIP STRIP ( i wiped the excess from the rubber seals around the pistons BTW) and let them sit for a while...High pressure washed them and the old thick clear coat came right off.. A few areas were really thick and had to be done several times. When your done just the black color will be left on the caliper and should be quite clean. Im not sure if that is paint or what but it is TOUGH STUFF!! I then took the time to mask around the bolts and the metal brake line from one side of the caliper to the other. I polished these parts up before I painted them. I think it looks kind of sloppy when the whole caliper including bolts and lines etc are all sprayed over. I also lightly scuffed up the surface with some fine sandpaper to help the paint stick. If your using the PEPBOY paint you will find it takes several coats to cover nicely. Take your time and do several light coats instead of on heavy one. The paint runs easily. Allow it all to cure and reassemble the brakes! I then took a vibrating sander and skimmed the surface of the PORSCHE lettering on the rear brake to make it silver. On the front (GTS brakes) i order the sticker set in white.

When you bleed the brakes try and avoid getting brake fluid on them as it will eat anything as well as the paint if left there long enough.