>Does anyone have experience removing the shaft oil seals on the cams of 85-'86 32V engines? It seems the easiest approach is to remove the front cam bridge, exposing the seal (I'm concerned about damaging aluminum sealing surfaces by trying to pry the old seals out). The problem I'm facing is the bridges won't budge after removing the cap screws. I know some sort of Loc tite is used between the bridge and the head. Any advice?

>Thanks, allen


There are several ways to remove oil seals.

If it is not convenient to split the seal holder, for protection, cut a piece of flat plastic, from an empty oil bottle or coffee can cover to surround the seal to shaft area and slip between seal and shaft. It is imperative to protect the shaft from scratches. A new seal will be destroyed instantly by a scratch on the shaft. Then poke a hole in the seal so that you can pry the seal out with a screwdriver or like tool. If you scratch the aluminum seal housing, the sealer used during installation will take care of the scratch. I use Permatex super "300" form-a-gasket very sparingly for seals. It also acts like a lubricant during assembly. If you split the seal holder during seal removal always reassemble the holder before seal installation. Permatex "300" also works good on the metal to metal seal of the split holder, again, sparingly. Install the new seal with a suitable driver, socket or a piece of
PVC pipe.

If you assemble the split seal holder with the seal in place, it will be pinched and leak. Also the pinched part will interfere with the mating surfaces.

Be sure to use engine assembly lube on the seal lip or the new seal will be destroyed before there is enough oil to lubricate it.

Earl Gillstrom '88 S4 5 Speed, 105K