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>Hi Guys:
>When I start my car I have to give it a little gas in order to keep the car from stalling. Once it reaches operating temperature
>the engine idles at around 700 RPM's. It seems to be getting worse as the outside temp is getting colder. This seems to be a
>problem only at cold starts. Any ideas?

Sounds like the idle stabilizer or the Temp II sender..

On the top front of the engine is a round electrical connector, with three contacts under a 1 1/2" cover. One contact is at six o'clock, one at ten o'clock, and one is at two o'clock. Connect the contact at six o'clock and the one at two o'clock with a temporary jumper wire. This temporarily kills the idle stabilizer control. Check the idle speed, and set it at 660 - 700 rpm. The idle speed adjustment screw is down between the first and second air tubes, just to the passenger side of center. If the idle speed control is ineffective, it is probably faulty, and should be replaced.

Another possibility is the Temp II sensor. Look for an electrical sender on the top front of the engine - just under the crossbar, just to the right (as you are looking at the engine) of center. It is a little square plastic box, not a brass hex. Pull the wire lock and remove the wire harness. There are two pins in the box. Hook one lead of an ohmmeter to a pin, and ground the other lead to the engine.

There should be 1.4 - 3.6 Kohms at room temperature, 0.9 - 1.3 Kohms at 104 deg F, 480 - 720 ohms at 140 deg F, 250 - 390 ohms at 176 deg F.

Repeat the measurements on the other pin to ground.

One pin feeds temp info to the injection, the other to the ignition.

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