Jay Gary,

1, Wide Open Throttle Switch. The Idle switch is a microswitch, so you can hear a click when it switches. The WOT switch is a strap contact, so you cannot hear when it switches. Probably the easiest way to check the WOT switch is with an ohmmeter on the LH connector pin 3 to ground or EZK connector pin 26 to ground. Remove both connectors so you don't have a back

circuit through the other computer. The WOT switch was intermittent on my '88. I took it apart and tried to clean the contacts. I know how to clean contacts as I grew up fixing IBM punched card machines (before computers). I was not successful with this contact. That contact would not reliably make. I replaced the switch assembly, ~$50. The new switch (idle and WOT switch in one molded box) looks like it is much better sealed. It is easy to replace (after you pull the manifold). BTW, if you try to check it after you have it out, the wiring diagrams are incorrect. Pin 1 on the WD is actually the WOT switch and labeled 3 on the switch. Pin 2 on the WD is common and labeled C18 on the switch. Pin3 on the WD is idle and labeled 2 on the switch. I don't remember, but I think that the wire color codes are correct. If your switch is bad and you did not plan to remove the manifold at this time, you could mount a switch under the throttle pedal and wire it in parallel with the WOT switch.


Earl Gillstrom '88 5 speed 101,000 miles 279hp 305 ftlb with 106F ambient.