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I knew there was a reason I got on the list today besides argue.  :0)

Relay 928.618.102.02.  What does it control?  Didn't see it listed in my parts and tech ref book.  Looks like it has a little speaker/buzzer in the top of it.  Part of the warning system?

Seatbelt warning relay/buzzer
Jim Bailey


I located a chime unit that the Euro 928 seems to be missing.

I think it is 928.618.102.03. I will let you know.


There are basically 2 versions: 928.618.102.02 and 928.618.102.03. It is unclear what the differences are, but they seem to be interchangeable. Maybe Porsche had the software of the microchip inside update or something.

The part 928.618.102.03 exists in 924, 928, 944, 968, and in 993. Funny: the 928.618.102.02 is not listed for any car. No idea why....

The chime relay warns if the:

[door opens and (lights are still {or} blinker is still on {or} key is in ignition lock)]


[Engine is recently started and safety belt at driver side is not locked in].

The socket of the Chime relay can be covered with a bypass device when the Chime relay is missing. This is the bypass unit which was also used in other Porsche models: