At 01:16 PM 11/17/00, David Kropman wrote:
>I have a (!) on my dash board. No other warning lights. I also have one on my center console. That light is not on. After further investigation, I realize that the ! in the center console looks like there is a red wire loose.
>How do I get the (!) on the dash off? I have pressed the (!) on the center console, but I think that red wire may have something to do with it.

First - There is some reason for the warning lamp to be on. The two "!" lamps are attention-getting devices. Scattered across the black face of the instrument panel are dark red legends that tell you specifically what the problem is.
1) In dark or subdued light, turn the ignition switch ON. Look at the legends that should now be illuminated. Take a strong flashlight and sweep the beam across the panel at an angle, and try to find a legend that is not illuminated, probably because of a burned-out bulb or disconnected wire. If there is one, that may well be the problem that your "!" is trying to tell you about. Fix the problem.
2) The "!" push-button lamp on the dash will turn off the "!" lamps for minor problems, but not major problems. Fix the disconnected red wire, and see if the push-button will turn off the warnings - but do Step 1) first!

Wally Plumley
928 Specialists