Does anyone know where can I find a good description of the procedure to pull out the back rotors? I need to check my parking brakes. It looks that the parking brake set up of one of the wheels is quite rusted since
it gets stuck once the lever is down and brake is only released when the car moves forward with a "clunk" noise. Of course, before pulling out rotors I must know to take the out the brake calipers so any advise will
be appreciated. The manuals are not clear enough to me (sorry for my primitive non technical mind!).


Juan, steps as I remember them:

1.  Jack up the rear of the car

2.  Remove wheels (rear)

2.5 Release the parking brake (Do not forget this step!)

3.  Remove calipers - 2 17 or 19MM bolts at least on my '87

4.  Either hang the calipers on twine or wire above rotors - keep from disturbing the sensor wires

5.  Remove the two Phillips head screws on face of the rotors (between wheels studs)- Sometimes these are not reinstalled by prior owners or mechanics.  I had to use and impact driver on mine.  If you don't have one
you might pick one up they are usually under $15.

6.  Try pulling and hammering (with a rubber mallet or a wood block and a regular hammer) don't get carried away with the hammering.  If the rotor doesn't break loose the rotors have two holes where you can screw in two metric #10 (I'm not sure of the thread type) (The 9 volume set describes this) bolts screw in the bolts which presses the rotor off.

7.  This will allow you to access the parking break shoes.


8.  The books have the spec on minimum thickness or as a Scott rule of thumb about a 1/4 of an inch.  Or if they are wearing unevenly (where one side in down to the metal.


9.  Order new shoes if you need them and if things are rusted plan on ordering a parking brake hardware kit (any of the big three will be able to get them).  Also check the rotors for minimum thickness which is stamped on the center "hub" of the rotor.  If they have a lip on them they are probably under sized.  If you can't determine the minimum thickness a local machine shop will check them for you. (you will need to bring the rotors to them)

10.  To reinstall the rotors, do the reverse of the above but before you install the calipers you may have to use a C-clamp to press out the pads slightly.

11.  Also check your pad thickness for wear.  If they are touching the brake pad warning sensors they need to be changed too.

E-mail me personally if you have other questions
Good luck