Okay - what's the trick to getting the radiator fan shroud out of my 87 Auto???

I got the *new* timing-belt tool from 928 Int'l.  The instructions with the tool say "Loosen oil cooler line and push backward out of the way."  And I really can't make out what is happening in Fig 8.

Is the oil cooler line directly below the radiator hose fitting at the radiator?  This is a metal fitting/hose that makes a U-turn and runs into the top cooling section in front of the radiator?  The last thing I want to do is disconnect an a/c line!!

All I'm trying to do today is check my t-belt tension, so I haven't pulled any radiator hoses.....yet.

John Pirtle

John wrote:
> Okay - what's the trick to getting the radiator fan shroud out of my 87 Auto???

Hi John,

I checked the T-belt tension on my friend's '87 auto last weekend.  We took the fan shroud off, and it did take a while to do it.  I remember removing the oil cooler line and fitting on the left (driver's) side of the radiator. But first, we drained the coolant from the radiator and removed the upper radiator hose.  We also loosened the transmission cooler line on the right side of the radiator.  John, the 1st and 4th pictures on your website show the transmission cooler lines.  They go in/out of the plastic side tank as well as the trans cooler the goes across the top of the a/c condenser.  It's OK to loosen the top fittings on the plastic radiator side tanks.  They have nothing to do with the a/c.  I use a 32mm on the big line nuts and a 27mm on the tank fittings to counterhold.  You may get a little bit of dripping fluids when you remove the fittings.  The steps go something like this:

1) remove cap from radiator expansion tank

2) unscrew radiator drain plug and catch fluid in bucket

3) remove upper radiator hose

4) unplug connectors at electric cooling fans

5) remove cooling fan wire and lay it on top of engine

6) remove p/s reservoir clamp

7) remove 2 screws that hold plastic fan shroud and move it back a little to allow access to 27mm fittings

8) counterhold 27mm fitting (I had to grind down a 27mm wrench to make it thin enough to fit in the limited space because it was originally too think) and loosen 32mm line nuts.  Hint: pad fenders with a folded towel to protect them when nut breaks loose.  Remove fitting from plastic tank to provide extra clearance.

9) repeat for top fitting on other side

10) lift fan shroud up and out.  You will have to wiggle it around a bit to get it at the proper angle, but you're pretty much pulling it straight up. Thus, that a/c hose you describe is not a problem.

11) use a small screwdriver to loosen spark plug boots on distributor and disconnect them

12) remove right distributor cap and right timing belt cover

13) check tension and put everything back together

Once you do this, you will understand why (some) shops charge $150 to check timing belt tension!

+Greg Nichols


I recently removed the entire fan assembly from my 87 Auto without removing any hoses from the radiator.   At the time, I had the crank pulley and all belts removed, which made things a little easier.   Remove the clamp from your power steering reservoir, and carefully push it out of the way.   Then, lift up on the fan assembly, and you will feel it release from the bottom of the radiator.  You should be able to wiggle the assembly out, and if I remember right, it's easier if you try bringing one side up and out first, and not straight up.   In addition, you must spew forth large amounts of curse words in the general direction of the assembly.

It took me several tries over several days to get that sweetheart out.
Thank God I didn't plan on putting it back!

Good luck!