I have replaced my rear disks and pads. The pads are not Porsche pads and do not have the wear indicator sensors. Now that I have my car back I have a flashing brake sensor, that I want to switch off.

I have a 82S Euro AT.

Any tips?

Many Thanks

David Kropman


I've had my brake pad warning light mysteriously come on several times before.  It never flashed.  I doubt it's supposed to flash.  Mine always come on and stayed on - I could hit the !-button and turn off the !.  Maybe it's a relay thing???

John Pirtle
87 Auto


Thanks, I lifted the car and checked. ALL 4 have been connected and taped up. I still have flashing warning light. Brake Pad and center (!) flashing as soon as I put ignition on. Is there some other relay that I can remove to stop the flashing?


The brain for the central warning is under the left foot rest "dead pedal" on the floor drivers side - three screws hold down the carpeted cover . Remove and unplug to reset . If the warning is brake press. That is a major fault and must be reset in this manner . Brake pad sensor is a minor fault and pushing the ! button should stop the flashing but leave the message light on .

Jim Bailey