Fellow listers,

Here's something I've been meaning to ask.

A few months ago I had the front brake pads replaced (again!...gotta stop braking for those fools who pull into the left lane of the Autobahn when I'm up to speed...) on my S4 as part of the 80000 km inspection. On the invoice the pads are listed with a 993 part number (993 351 939 01). When I asked the service technician, I was told that the 928-specific pads have been discontinued and Porsche prescribes the 993 pads instead.

Braking is just fine, can't say it was better or worse before, but still I'm wondering whether anyone else has had a similar experience lately or whether the dealer was just too lazy to order the 'correct' pads (admittedly this I find unlikely)?

Since the 993 used the same front calipers, I presume it's just a numbers game, i.e. the pads are actually the same?


 Thilo Corts                         mailto:corts@webx.de
 '87 S4 with 993 hybrid brakes