no words required


How low can you get?

My first Brembo...



Miss October 1982

Playmates and their cars... Year: 1979Playboy Playmate: Monique St Pierre
Car: Porsche 928 The 1979 winner sounds more like a European heiress than a Playboy Playmate but maybe Monique St Pierre’s high-class sobriquet encouraged Playboy to pull her prize car from the top drawer. Playboy clearly had a soft spot for 928s because it gave the car out as the Playmate prize again in 1982 and 1983.

In the carwash.... yeah....

Towing the 911

Kind'a shot up


see through


I wish I had a workshop manual ....


Interesting... from a Porsche museum in Austria (thanks F.B.)

Sure looks ok ! 1987 928s4 add-on showcase.



No words. (breathless)


What can you do with a spare 928 32v engine? This is a boat engine :)



Thilo Corts 1987 928s4 a/t with an unbelievable 928 action-shot.


Stingray's snapshot

And one more (double turbo)

yet another one


"Sorry about that officer ...."



Old engine ? new Table !!


Very special 4 doors factory built 928?

The burgundy 928 was made by ASC around the end of the 80ies, but information about it is conflicting. There is one more, with a slightly different tail end, in the factory's new museum. The latter is amethyst metallic, and was shown at the Automuseum Langenburg for many years.

This special/concept car was a 4 seater Porsche 942, built in 1984. It was the first 928 with a 4 valve engine.

The Porsche 942 was a special edition of Porsche 928 made as a gift to Professor Ferry Porsche on his 75th birthday.



And some erotic tinted goodies of the 928:  Ero Goodies


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